Righteousness: The Beginning

In the last five months or so we opened a new location of the church in the Branson/Hollister area. We are currently having service at the La Quinta Inn meeting room in Hollister, Mo. It is definitely a new church plant. We have such wonderful services with a definite move of the Spirit of God every Friday when we meet. It is so refreshing after a long week of work. I still work a full time job outside the church as does everyone in any service to the church.


I spent the first thirteen weeks of services speaking on the subject of righteousness. I find righteousness to be such a fundamental subject in the life of the Christian and always a needed refresher to any seasoned believer.


I define Righteousness as “the ability to stand in the presence of the Father without the sense of guilt or inferiority, as if sin never existed.” That definition is definitely strong in grace and also strong in personal responsibility. There is no way that righteousness is even ours without the grace of the Father toward us in the shed blood of Jesus. Also, we cannot obtain righteousness without taking personal responsibility for our sin and asking God to forgive us and cleanse us. In the beginning, it takes personal responsibility to look objectively at our lives and see we are in need of a Savior and ask Jesus to be Lord of our lives. To confess and believe according to Romans 10 is to believe there is no other way to the Father but through the Son, Jesus Christ.


Righteousness is the pathway to accessing the Father. There are four principles I like to bring out about Righteousness (they are all found in the Our Father prayer):
  1. Know who the Father is
  2. Know who I am in relationship to the Father
  3. Know who the enemy is
  4. Know how to worship
Understanding these four principles change the way I think, the way I talk and the way I act. Without the proper view of righteousness, we fall short of the relationship we are meant to have with the Father. There is no way around it. We must accept that righteousness is ours and we can only get it through the shed Blood of Jesus. When we get to know who the Father is, there is a sense of love and care that comes in that revelation and we see the lengths the Father has gone to redeem mankind and how the Son and the Holy Ghost work together to make mankind a focal point of the Love of God! There is no way that mankind can ever earn what God has freely given to us. Righteousness is something that, once obtained in the new birth, cannot grow. In other words, you will be no more righteous ten years down the road as you are when you are born again. Although, our understanding of this subject will grow and so will our resolve to stay in righteousness.

The longer we are Christians, the more we should understand righteousness and have the ability to pass this knowledge onto others in the same way we received it. We received it through revelation and knowledge of the Word of God.   


In coming posts, I will expound more on this subject and take a closer look at the subject of righteousness.


Keep the Faith,


Pastor Carlos (PC)

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